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Email Marketing for B2B Success

Like it or not, we are living in a virtual world and email marketing as part of a digital marketing strategy is a must-do. 

Marketing funnels, email automation, social media, search and display advertising, retargeting, SMS marketing, and more, can all seem overwhelming.  Frankly, employing costly and complex marketing strategies for some B2B companies is like using a hatchet when all you need is a knife. 

In our ten-part series, B2B Success in a Digital World, we will show you how easy it is to build the digital marketing foundation upon which you can grow your business.  Part one explained the importance of the look, feel, and usability of your website.  Part two of our series is email marketing and like updating your website, it is also quite easy to implement.  

Email Marketing is Fundamental

Email is a form of direct marketing, under the digital marketing umbrella, that can be used to promote your company’s products or services.  The use of email can play an essential role in lead generation, brand recognition, and cultivating relationships and loyalty with your customers and prospects.

Use email to have a conversation with your customers.  Keep customers informed about new product or service introductions, case studies, employee recognition, industry statistics, and the latest tools, trends and innovations.

Email is a great marketing tool that can help your business in other ways as well. It can also be used to gain insight by sending out surveys, express appreciation after receiving orders, follow up on abandoned shopping carts, or request customer reviews.  Not only does it give your audience a chance to provide you with valuable feedback, but it also allows them to get to know your company and the people behind your brand. 

Staying in touch with your email subscribers and existing customers on a regular cadence will keep you top of mind when the time is right for them to buy.

Your Contact List

A clean, organized email database full of relevant, engaged contacts is key to B2B email marketing success and often overlooked.  Managing your database does require strategy and resources, but with some upfront work and a simple maintenance process it ensures you are reaching the right people at the right times.

The upfront work requires segmenting your contacts by personas or customer personalities according to industries, job titles or responsibilities, location, and behaviors.  Depending on your business, you may have just one or two, or many. The more granular your data is, the more precise your email campaigns will be.  Segmenting your contacts gives you a scientific edge and will help to inform every other area of your marketing.

Once the contacts are grouped into segments, maintaining the data can become a simple part of a routine schedule that will help to avoid issues.

  • Auto email replies that bounce back with “so and so no longer works here” because people inevitably change jobs.
  • High hard bounce rate due to misspelled or non-existent email addresses.
  • Personalization mistakes caused using initials or lowercase input of names.
  • Irritated contacts who are still receiving your emails after submitting unsubscribe requests.
  • Inaccurate performance metrics resulting from disinterested contacts that should no longer be in your database.

Growing Your Email Marketing List

Give your website and social pages visitors compelling reasons to sign up for your newsletters.  Offer to keep them informed about discounts or the latest industry technology. 

Encourage your target audience to opt into your emails by offering lead magnets.  Lead magnets provide an instant benefit for new subscribers such as discounts, something free, a white paper or an ebook on an important topic.

Set up an automated opt-in email campaign that sends a welcome message to new subscribers. You can also use the welcome campaign to instantly engage subscribers by asking them to select topics that they are most interested in receiving.

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It’s easier than you may think to set up your email marketing but if you need any help, just contact us here or give us a call.

GoldTree Marketing works with B2B owners and executives who have a growth plan and need marketing resources.  If our background and experience are not a good fit for you, we have a lot of friends and can introduce you to other marketing companies that specialize in your industry.

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